Nova Scotia Forestry Hall of Fame

Nova Scotia Forestry Hall of Fame

Dirk van Loon
Inducted (2014)

Dirk van Loon – author, journalist, and naturalist – has provided Atlantic Canadians a forum for the multitude of voices and values emanating from the region's forests, as publisher of the bimonthly magazine Atlantic Forestry Review. For over 20 years, Dirk's passion for local, rural stories, and his grassroots approach, have informed and educated woodland owners, forest professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone interested in understanding the variety of issues influencing forestry. Dirk has worked tirelessly to produce clear and concise articles that will reach a wide readership. He credits a dedicated staff representing the regional interests as being key to the success of his Liverpool company, DvL Publishing, which started with Rural Delivery in 1976. Atlantic Forestry Review is filled with contemporary issues, useful information, and entertaining tales of times gone by. Dirk has always been interested in the stories that woodlot owners wish to tell: how they manage their properties and the innovation that often accompanies their successes. The magazine encompasses a complex, multi-billion dollar industry, and makes it comprehensible in the form of engaging, readable news. Dirk has also been active in promoting forest education through the creation of the Harrison Lewis Centre in 2008, which provides a field classroom and laboratory for research groups, courses, workshops, seminars, and a variety of presentations related to rural environments and natural history. Dirk's career attests to a life-long love of our forests and an appreciation for the forest industry. He has been dedicated to providing information, thoughtful commentary, a space for public discourse, and a greater awareness of the importance of forests to our Maritime way of life.

David (Dave) Barrett
Inducted (2014)

David (Dave) F. Barrett, lumberman and businessman, has spent a career devoting his time and energy to the promotion of forest management in Nova Scotia. Dave joined the family forestry company when he graduated from high school and along with his brothers; owns and operates Barrett Lumber Company. He has made a longstanding commitment to the industry through service to groups such as the Forest Products Association of Nova Scotia, the Wood Products Manufacturing Association of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Voluntary Planning Committee and the Nova Forest Alliance. Dave has always expressed his passion for the woods by speaking up and speaking out to defend the rights of lumber producers. He has been an engaged and committed citizen, contributing to various efforts for the betterment of his community. His belief that the best solutions are found by working with the community led to the creation of the "Family Forestry Stewardship Agreement" which allows responsible individuals and ATV users access to Barrett Lumber woodlands. Dave also took a lead role in developing the protocol to allow the transport of sawmill chips from the brown spruce longhorn beetle quarantine zone to pulp mills thereby maintaining a critical component of the industry. Dave has used his career to promote a shared responsibility of forest stewardship between landowners and community and continues to be a voice for the forest industry in Nova Scotia.

David (Dave) Dwyer
Inducted (2013)

David (Dave) Dwyer accepted a career with the NS Dept. of Lands and Forests and focused his work on the betterment of the woodlot forest.  As a forester he worked extensively with the small private woodlot sector and was instrumental in the establishment of the first woodlot owner group ventures in the province. He promoted woodlot forestry with demonstration woodlots and publications advocating good forestry practices. He will be most remembered for his management of the province's Antrim woodlot and his documentation of forestry practices such as selection harvesting. Dave championed the woodlot owners of Nova Scotia advancing their concerns to government and he was regularly consulted for his perspective on forestry matters pertaining to the small woodlot owner. His never ending effort to promote management options appropriate to the ecology of the woodlot forest provided Dave with an appreciative sector. After retirement he volunteered with CESO in Swaziland, Indonesia and Bolivia but always returned home and continued to represent the woodlot owners.  David Dwyer's  dedication,  enthusiasm  and  passion  for  the  woodlot forests of  Nova Scotia were exemplary and continue to guide present day forest management.

Robert (Bob) Bancroft
Inducted (2013)

Robert (Bob) Bancroft dedicated his career with the NS Dept. of Lands and Forests and the NS Dept. of Fisheries and Aquaculture to build an understanding of provincial wildlife and habitat. He became one of the province's pre-eminent wildlife biologists and helped direct the management and conservation of wildlife through thoughtful forestry practices. He has been a strong advocate for the protection of wildlife habitat and a commentator on current forestry, wildlife, and ecology issues. Bob has actively worked to create an awareness of the interests shared by the industrial, environmental, and public users of the forest resources. He has been the Chair of numerous organizations including Nature Nova Scotia, Nova Forest Alliance, Colin Stewart Forestry Forum, NS Federation of Anglers and Hunters and has had several positions with the Canadian Wildlife Federation. He is a well-known contributor to CBC radio and is an editorial contributor to Atlantic Salmon Journal and Saltscapes magazine. Bob Bancroft's career has been dedicated to broadening our understanding of the natural environment, working  together to achieve  that goal, and  conserving and  maintaining a forest that accommodates all the values of our society.

Laurie Ledwidge
Inducted (2012)

Laurie Ledwidge turned a small shingle mill into one of Nova Scotia's largest lumber producers over a career of nearly 70 years. Three generations of the family have worked tirelessly with Laurie to make Ledwidge Lumber of Enfield a quality producer of sawn timber and a consistent employer in Central Nova Scotia. Laurie has been actively involved in many forest industry organizations most notably serving as President of the Maritime Lumber Bureau 1978-79 and President of the Forest Products Association of Nova Scotia 1983-85. He was honoured as Maritime Lumber Bureau Man of the Year in 1982 and was Chairman of the Forest Advisory Council between 1987 and 1993. He has also actively supported the Nova Forest Alliance. Laurie recognized early in his career the value of silviculture and has strongly promoted investment in the future forests of the province on all land tenures. Laurie Ledwidge has cultivated a career devoted to the advancement of forestry in Nova Scotia through hard work, dedication, and a passion for the forests of this province.

Downey Thompson
Inducted (2012)

Downey Thompson started his career with Elmsdale Lumber Company at the age of 15 and quickly advanced to be an integral member of the management team. As Senior Woodland Consultant for ELCO he has provided, from his 65 years of experience, valuable direction for advancement of sustainable forestry practices on all land tenures in Nova Scotia. Downey has been a long time member of the Forest Products Association of Nova Scotia serving as President from 2001-2003. He has been a keen supporter of the Canadian Woodlands Forum's Teachers Tour recognizing the future of forestry can be advanced through education of the next generation. Downey has worked tirelessly on a variety of organizations including the Nova Forest Alliance, the Wood Products Association of Nova Scotia, the Maritime Lumber Bureau, the Halifax Regional Municipality Development Strategies Committee, and has been actively involved with management strategies in the Pockwock Watershed. Downey Thompson is a forest visionary and has generously devoted his career to providing knowledge and experience to the next generation of stewards of Nova Scotia's forest.

Georg Thomas (Tom) Clark Ernst
Inducted (2010)

As extension forester with the Dept. of Lands and Forests, he played a significant role in forming the Lunenburg County Christmas Tree Producers Assoc. in 1967. He assisted in establishing new grower associations, the formation of the NS Christmas Tree Council, the promotion of research and demonstration lots, the training of Dept. specialists, and the delivery of extension programs. Through Tom's hard work, NS became the first non-state member of the US National Christmas Tree Assoc. and he has been the province's only representative. In 1995, Tom was the driving force to designate Lunenburg County as the "Balsam Fir Christmas Tree Capital of the World." Tom served as president of the NS Forest Products Association. He was western regional woodlot owner of the year (2006) and was inducted into the Christmas Tree Hall of Fame (2008).Graduate University of New Brunswick (BScF 1957)

Dalhousie University (BEd 1961).

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