Transferring Member

Transferring Member

The Forest Professional Regulators of Canada, through the Mutual Recognition Agreement and in compliance with the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (Chapter 7), allows forest professionals to work in other jurisdictions within Canada through a transfer of membership. To be eligible for this category of membership, the applicant must be in good standing with their current jurisdiction. Please visit: for more information.

The following is required of applicants: 1) a completed application form (, 2) payment of the application fee ( currently $ 25.00 (no HST), and 3) a copy of any communication advising the Registrar in the jurisdiction where you are currently registered, that you are seeking a transfer of your membership. After an applicant has successfully transferred membership, the transferring member must write a jurisprudence exam within 18 months to ensure an understanding of local laws, policies and practices. After successful completion of the jurisprudence exam, the transferring member will be assigned Regular Active Member Status.

RPFANS Registrar will request information directly from the Registrar of the applicant's jurisdiction to ensure your membership and good standing prior to accepting the applicant as a member.

To submit your online membership application Click Here: Member Application Form


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