Re-Applying Member

Re-Applying Member

Welcome Back!

If you are seeking Active Regular Membership of RPFANS, as someone who was previously a member of RPFANS, this application is considered a request for Council Re-instatement of your membership.

The following requirements must be satisfied as per By-Law 4.12 for successful re-instatement.

1. Full payment of membership dues; by mailing payment to our office or here by credit card.

2. Fulfill the requirements of the Continuing Forestry Education Program Policy for 150 credits.

To submit your online membership application Click Here

You may also need to provide more recent information, such as:

1. A current resume detailing:

  • work experience
  • educational history
  • personal reference
  • employment reference

2. Details of any conviction for criminal or indictable offenses, for which you have not received a pardon (if applicable).

NOTE: You may be required to rewrite the jurisprudence exam if Council is of the opinion that significant changes have taken place in the legislation since you initially wrote the exam.

The RPFANS reserves the right to request further documentation to support any candidate's application for membership.


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