Membership Requirements

Membership Requirements


There are two processes that every applicant must go through to be recognized as a registered professional forester in Nova Scotia;

1) Application and  2) Certification

1) Application Process

All applications are to be in the English language. Please refer to our Translation Policy for language services.

Also, please refer to our Accommodations Policy if further assistance is required in completing your application.

As a first step, the Registrar will make every effort to initially respond to all applications and inquiries within 48 hours to acknowledge receipt of all communication.

The Registrar will make every effort to respond to completed applications, that also include all supporting documentation, within 3 weeks. During this time, the Registrar will process all information provided and provide weekly updates regarding findings or requests for additional information.

An unsuccessful application can result by not providing the supporting documentation required for registration (detailed below). In such cases, applicants can seek to have their documentation assessed  through a national credential assessment process. Appeals of a registrar's decision can be made by requesting an Internal Review of the Application  (see Internal Review Policy).

NOTE: While it is important that the Registrar respond to all inquiries and applications against listed time frames, there may be circumstances that occur that may be cause for a delay in the timelines noted above.

Step 1a) To begin the application process to be a registered professional forester in Nova Scotia, an applicant must either;

i) have graduated and obtained a degree from a Canadian forestry program accredited by the Canadian Forestry Accreditation Board (CFAB) through an assessment against Certification Standards. A listing of the schools that have been accredited by the CFAB are listed at:

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ii) have obtained their education internationally or from a non-accredited program in Canada. A credential assessment of that education and or training (see Step 1b below) is required to ensure National Certification Standards for the Profession of Forestry in Canada are met.

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iii) be transferring their professional membership from one jurisdiction to another under the Canadian Free Trade Agreement,

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iv) be applying for Re-instatement by Council as per By-law 4.12 for Inactive Members or for those who have held a previous membership to RPFANS.

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To Submit your Application by mail (printable version).

Step 1b) International Applicants and Applicants from Non-accredited Programs

Those applicants who have received their education and training internationally or from a non-accredited program must demonstrate that they can meet the National Certification Standards for the Profession of Forestry in Canada and shall undergo a Credential Assessment. A national credential assessment is carried out to verify an applicant's education, training and experience and determine an applicant's eligibility for certification and if necessary, provide opportunities for satisfying all minimum requirements.

Consideration shall be provided to those wishing to make application that can not provide the required documents for reasons beyond their control (see Accepting Alternative Information to Required Documentation Policy).

Please visit Credential Assessment Process for more information.

The National Certification Standards and the process for entering the Credential Assessment Process (CAP) is found on line at:

Step 2) The NS Certification Process

2a) After successfully completing the application process, each applicant is assigned an Associate Member Category, which define the requirements necessary for certification as a registered professional forester (RPF) in Nova Scotia.

Associate Member Categories:

i) Forester Candidate - an applicant who has decided to undergo a national credential assessment and remains enrolled in the additional education, training or experience necessary to meet the national certification standards. An applicant can remain a Candidate for up to five (5) years.

ii) Forester in Training - a successful applicant who has either graduated from an accredited forestry program in Canada, or who has received a successful credential assessment report and does not need to fulfil any additional education or training to satisfy the national certification standards.

iii) Transferring Forester - a successful applicant that has already received professional membership from another jurisdiction in Canada.

2b) Forester Candidate and Forester in Training applicants shall:

i) obtain two years of forestry-related experience under the guidance of a sponsoring certified forester , and 

ii) have successfully passed a jurisprudence exam within an assigned time period. 

2c) Transferring applicants must:

i) have successfully passed a jurisprudence exam within an assigned time period. 

2d) All successful applicants must disclose any conviction for criminal or indictable offenses which have not been pardoned.

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