The following Committees assist in the successful function of the Association. Members who have volunteered to serve are identified. Any members wishing to participate on a Committee are asked to contact the Executive Director.

Discipline - Shaun Scott

Board of Examiners - Russ Waycott (lead), Rob Young, Leslie Anne Bateman

Right to Practice - Andrew Oliver, Andrew West, Kevin Keys (lead)

Policy - Peter Burchill, Jeremy MacDonald, Rob Young (lead)

External Communications - Jillian Weldon-Genge (lead), Ryan MacIntyre, Don Cameron, Kirk Schmidt, Scott Maston, Mike Brown

Events - Jillian Weldon-Genge (lead), Liz Cogan, Stephen Freeman, Brad Butt, Jason Stewart

Financial Review - Shaun Scott (lead), Scott Maston, Mike Brown

Awards - Tim O'Brien, Peter Neily (lead)

Nominations - Kevin Keys

CFPFA / CFAB - Rob Young, Peter Burchill (alternate)


Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1031
Truro, N.S., B2N 5G9

Email Contacts:

General Info: