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About Us

The Registered Professional Foresters Association of Nova Scotia (RPFANS) was formed by the passage of Bill 11 on November 23, 1999 by the Legislature of Nova Scotia, and was proclaimed into law on February 1, 2001.The Bill provides for the exclusive use of the title "Registered Professional Forester", or the abbreviation "RPF" by members of the Association; and for the Association to discipline it's members who do not comply with the code of ethics and practice forestry within their scope of competence. The public has assurance that those persons who are using either title are capable of providing sound advice on the management of the full range of values that may be found in their woodland.

To view a quick video about the profession of forestry, please visit the website of the Association of British Columbia Forest Professionals at: Forest Professionals: What They Do 

The Registered Professional Foresters Association of Nova Scotia (RPFANS) is a non-profit association for professional foresters who are dedicated to professional conduct and continued forestry education to improve the holistic management of the forest resources in the Province of Nova Scotia. Membership is not restricted to only those who have graduated from a Bachelor of Science Forestry Program, however, all members must demonstrate that they have obtained the equivalent qualifications (see membership application).

This will ensure both theoretical and practical training is acquired in all subject areas necessary for providing professional forestry management services. More information on the 2017 Certification Requirements, developed and approved by the Canadian Federation of Professional Foresters Association, can be found at Forest Professional Regulators of Canada. This information has been adapted by the  Canadian Forestry Accreditation Board, in order to review the material being taught in Canadian forestry university programs, on behalf of the professional forestry associations in Canada.

RPFANS provides  this link to this area of the CFPFA  for offering training to those who have not graduated from accredited forestry school in Canada or who didn’t take forestry as a degree.Bridge Training Program for Foresters

The main objectives of RPFANS are to:

  1. Ensure that members of the public receive forest management advice that is based on local forest conditions and a comprehensive knowledge of the science related to the management of all the resources found in the forest; and
  2.  Ensure that members continue to further their level of education and understanding of all matters relating to the forest and it's dynamics, throughout their careers.

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