AGM Registration

RPFANS Policies and Procedures

RPFANS member awards

Describes the policy for making an award specific to RPFANS members.

Privacy Policy

This document contains the privacy policy of RPFANS, and is for the information of members and others.

Guidelines for RPF Seal

Provides the guidelines for use of the RPFANS professional seal or stamp

Membership Entitlements

This table, Membership Entitlements, provides information on the entitlements and relative amount of annual dues  for each category of membership

Discipline Process

The discipline process was formerly part of the bylaws, however it has been moved to a policy

Document Retention Protocol

While not all documents can be retained, it is important that some be retained for various periods of time. This document is intended to provide some guidance. You are reminded to search electronic files, as not all documents are retained in hard copy.

Sponsoring Forester Policy
Contracting and Procurement Policy

This policy provides in point form the practices that are to be followed when RPFANS (or CIF) is seeking to obtain goods or services.

Donations request guidelines

Donations request guidelines

Donation Request Application

Donation / Sponsor Request Application Form

Access to Records Requests
Accomodation of Applicants with Physical and Mental Disabilities
CFE Program

Continuing Forestry Education

Translation Policy (new)

Still requires approval at 2019 AGM

Internal Review Policy (new)

Awaiting approval of the Review Officer (FRPA) and approval at the 2019 AGM

Examination for Registration Policy (new)

still to receive membership approval at 2019 AGM

Decision Letter Policy (new)

Approved being requested at 2019 AGM


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