Transferring Member

Transferring Member

To be eligible for this category of membership, the applicant must be in good standing with their home jurisdiction, and have requested a transfer of their membership from their home jurisdiction to RPFANS.

Upon receipt of all required documentation and the prescribed fees, the RPFANS will usually accept the applicant as a transferring member. The following documentation is required from you: 1) a completed application form ( ; 2) the application fee ( currently $ 25.00 (no HST)) ; 3) a copy of the letter or email that you have sent to the Registrar, in the province where you are currently registered,advising them that you are seeking a transfer of your membership;and  you are requesting  that they send our Registrar the following; 1) a copy of your transcript: 2) a statement of any continuing forest education credits or debits; 3) a statement of any discipline , or  competence of practice issues that the Registrar may have on record.

Emailed documents in a PDF format are prefered, as they are easier to store and shareby the members of the Registrar's committee.Your first contact should be made to , who will advise you of the email address of the Registrar.

The applicant is required to write the Jurisprudence (legislation and policy) exam of RPFANS within 18 months of their acceptance as a member, in order to complete their full "Active" Membership requirements.

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